Kandiss Crone is an award-winning reporter at KGTV in San Diego. She enjoys breaking stories and considers it an honor keeping San Diegans informed of the issues that affect them the most. Kandiss finds it rewarding to be a voice for people and to help bring about positive changes in their neighborhoods, on the job, and in other areas of their lives.

 As a senior in high school, Kandiss applied to intern at the ABC station in Santa Barbara to get a head start prior to taking journalism courses at USC. After graduating, she picked up “real-world” experience as a production coordinator at KABC. From there, she covered border and immigration issues as a reporter in Arizona, Hurricane Gustav and political corruption in Mississippi, and devastating tornadoes as well as the College World Series during her time in Nebraska.

 In addition to on-air reporting, Kandiss also fills in on the anchor desk. She has a strong social media presence and consistently engages with viewers on Twitter, Facebook, and other digital platforms. She’s received awards and recognition for her work as a member of the National Association of Black Journalists.

 When she’s not out in the field, Kandiss enjoys cooking, singing, hiking, and fishing.


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